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How to Take Someone’s Photo in a Foreign Country Without Being a Jerk

The most interesting aspect of visiting another country is the people there, so it’s understandable if you want to snap some pics of locals while you travel. But it’s easy to get shutter happy and forget to be courteous while you do it. These tips will help.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Perks of Being an Adventurous Eater

“I like what I like,” you tell yourself as you eat the same meals over and over. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having preferences, but you could be doing yourself a serious disservice. Being an adventurous eater comes with some great benefits.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Eat Street Food Anywhere in the World Without Getting Sick

Street food is one of the best ways to experience a country’s culture. While these makeshift stalls might look risky, street food is often just as safe—if not safer—than restaurants. Ask any experienced adventurer. Still, there are a few basic rules you should know to avoid any problems.Read more… Continue Reading at

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