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Modern Car Interiors Are Struggling To Keep Up With Mechanical Reliability: Report

The cars on our roads are, on average, getting older. This is thanks, in part, to more reliable parts, better maintenance, and also slightly more depressing causes like lengthier auto loan terms. But just because the cars are lasting longer mechanically doesn’t mean the interiors can keep up, and this is a new problem…Read more… […]

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Chinese Automaker GAC Shamed Every Other Carmaker With Their Incredible Floor Mat Game 

In America, Chinese automakers tend to have a reputation for building poor-quality products. But the cars produced in China have been improving in quality pretty steadily over the years, and while I can’t really speak to how they compare overall, I can say that I was very impressed with at least one aspect of Chinese…Read […]

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New Maseratis Have One of the Best Interior Features Ever

My experience with driving new Maseratis has only been in short bursts. I drove the Quattroporte, Ghibli and Levante for about an hour each back in February and I had a Levante today for about four hours. And because I got to spend slightly more time with it, I discovered that its interior uses dials […]

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The 2019 Volvo XC40 Has The Most Genius Interior I’ve Ever Seen

Out of everything that I saw at this year’s 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, my favorite car was actually an SUV. I know, I’m surprised, too. But it was the 2019 Volvo XC40, a car you should really be paying attention to if you like very cleverly designed interiors filled with secret nooks and crannies […]

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Premiere: Pleasurekraft announces debut album with SAMA remix of ‘Interiors’

Regardless of genre or generation, the process of orchestrating a full length studio album has always been a difficult, highly commendable feat. Yet, in the climate of today’s dance music industry, which dictates that artists must constantly tour and churn singles in order to remain relevant, the formidable task of composing an LP is a more admirable […]

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