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Thief Returns Detroit Clock Stolen Decades Ago To Thank Ford

Ford has generated tons of goodwill in recent days, after it went public about a long-running rumor that it had purchased the City of Detroit’s most famous ruin, Michigan Central Station—so much so, a thief who stole a clock from the beautiful building decades ago has returned the antique.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Four Retired Detroit Cops Plead Guilty In Wildly Elaborate Stolen Car Scheme

An explosive investigation into corruption at the Detroit Police Department blew open on Wednesday, when authorities announced that four officers pleaded guilty to extortion charges related to the scheme, while two more were indicted on separate charges. The officers accepted bribes from auto collision shops in town,…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Why A Detroit Park To Commemorate The Ford Massacre Is Something The Motor City Needs

As America in 2017 struggles with how much to publicly memorialize the ugliest parts of its past, Detroit has found another way to honor painful history and show that teachable moments have the potential to lift up an entire neighborhood. Read more… Continue Reading at

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A Detroit Towing Company Allegedly Stole Dozens Of Cars In A Wildly Elaborate Scheme 

There’s a wildly interesting lawsuit playing out in the City of Detroit right now, in which a towing company says the city illegally yanked its permit to operate, while officials accuse the company, Nationwide Recovery, of having a role in an “elaborate” stolen vehicle scam.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Motor City Is Making A Bullshit Bet On Sports

The new story of Detroit is, by now, old. Over several decades, a once prosperous automotive mecca fell into disarray for a litany of reasons—white flight, an eroding tax base, crime—and, after filing for bankruptcy in 2013, has since evolved into a sentimental comeback story for the ages. When a new arena for the…Read more… […]

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The Would-Be Auto Worker Caught Up In A Detroit Prison Snitch Scandal

The night 18-year-old Bernard Howard was hauled into Detroit police headquarters he was unequivocal: he knew nothing. Police had heard a man nicknamed Snoop—something Howard’s friend on the east side called him—might’ve been involved in a triple homicide, but Howard was clear: he didn’t know a thing. So he was…Read more… Continue Reading at

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