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Women Win Big in House Primaries Last Night

Last night’s primaries in Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia garnered more attention for who lost rather than who won. In Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, the former Congressman and perennial Presidential candidate lost the nomination for governor this fall. Although his old presidential …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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The Best Indianapolis Tips From Our Readers

For every place featured on Hack Your City, we get a handful of comments saying “Here’s a tip: Never go there.” This sparkling witticism is always followed by a hundred comments that make that city sound like the best place on earth. This week our readers got us excited for Indianapolis, Indiana, leaving 148 comments…Read […]

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Indiana Is Purging Voters Without Their Consent

In a Daily Beast article this week, Emilie Plesset reveals that Indiana is removing voters from the lists without telling them, thanks to a new law that violates the National Voter Registration Act (aka the Motor Voter Act.)Back in 2014, Indiana, under then-governor Mike Pence, adopted …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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