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The Return of the Blue Dog Democrat

As the Democratic Party shifts further away from the center, an emerging narrative is that this might not be the best idea for recapturing the more conservative parts of America from a Republican Party that has become dangerously unstable:Enter a group called New Democracy, a combination think tank …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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This Chart Shows How Reaganomics Has Destroyed The Middle Class

It has been said by any number of pundits over the past few years that Ronald Reagan could not win the presidential nomination of the current Republican party. But even though the man himself may be considered a dangerous liberal by members of the “Freedom Caucus” and other far-right GOP factions, …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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Happy Birthday America! Now it’s Time to Grow The F*ck Up

I know you are but what am I? It’s a classic come back for kids who want to turn the table on name callers, or who just don’t have anything better to say. And for kids, it often works! When grown adults lean on similar rhetorical devices to redirect, however, it’s not funny or cute. […]

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