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The Fake Sounds Produced By The Jaguar I-Pace Make Me Weep For The Future

There’s nothing worse than discovering that your car pumps in fake or weirdly amplified noise. Sure, I know isolation from other road sounds is a luxury, but it just sounds completely fake. Unfortunately, many electric cars have picked up this baton of sadness and ran with it, as Jaguar’s new I-Pace makes some of the…Read […]

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Google’s Waymo Partners With Jaguar Land Rover To Build ‘Up To’ 20,000 Autonomous I-Paces By 2020

Google’s self-driving car unit, Waymo, is partnering with Jaguar Land Rover to build an autonomous version of the automaker’s new all-electric I-Pace, with the goal of deploying the vehicles on Waymo’s soon-to-debut commercial ride-hailing service sometime in 2020.Read more… Continue Reading at

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