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California City Becomes First in the U.S. to Ban New Gas Stations

Officials from Petaluma, California have decided their city has enough places to fill up gas-powered cars. Last week, the local city council unanimously voted to ban new gas stations, building on a two-year moratorium passed in early 2019. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Should We Bother With Alternative Fuels Or Just Fully Commit To EVs?

Over the weekend we read Liz’s post on Porsche’s work on a clean-burning synthetic fuel. The stuff sounds way too good to be true. But it does make me think: Should we be exploring every alternative fuel option?Read more… Continue Reading at

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James Glickenhaus Wants To Make A Hydrogen Car

We know the Glickenhaus Boot as a gnarly off-roader, and now Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus says it will follow up that desert-buster with a fuel-cell version called the Zero Emission Boot. It’s such a terrible idea that it actually ends up being kind of awesome.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Here’s The Emissions-Free Hydrogen Generator Extreme E Will Use To Power Its Racing Series

I swear, every time Extreme E announces a new part of the sport, it becomes incrementally cooler. On Thursday the new electric off-road racing series showed off its 100 percent clean energy hydrogen fuel cell generator, which will be hauled around the world to power each of the vehicles for the full race weekend. In…Read […]

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GM’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Semis Seem Like A Small (Or Possibly Very Big) Part Of The Solution

GM said Wednesday that it would be partnering with truckmaker Navistar to make hydrogen fuel-cell-powered semi-trucks and that they would start testing them next with the trucking company J.B. Hunt. This is the kind of quiet evolution that we’ll be seeing more and more.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Toyota Won’t Give Up The Fuel Cell Dream

Toyota is going doggedly into the FCEV future with new investments in fuel-cell technology, and it doesn’t seem to care if fuel cells really are the way forward or not.Read more… Continue Reading at

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