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White House Has Clever New Defense For Trump’s Lies and Insane Outbursts

The White House is so adept at covering for president Trump’s routine outbursts, lies and maniacal ranting that they have now coined a new term for it. When Trump says something that is patently untrue or completely insane, these statements are not lies but a “rhetorical response” to whatever is on …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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BREAKING: Trump to Remove Steve Bannon, Godfather of the Alt-Right

Widely regarded as the brains behind Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to the presidency, Alt-Right guru Steve Bannon was once untouchable in the president’s inner circle. No more, as senior aides to the president have revealed the former Breitbart editor and filmmaker is getting his marching orders …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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The Kremlin Appears to be Aiding Trump’s Smear Campaign Against H.R. McMaster

The only people who aren’t completely disposable to Donald Trump are his kids. Everyone else might as well have a “sell by” date on their foreheads. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not complaining. It doesn’t require all that much research to learn how Trump makes allies then stabs them in the back. Just …Continue […]

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