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Cowardly Republican Mark Harris Trips Fire Alarm Fleeing From Reporters

Last month, the North Carolina Board of Elections unanimously refused to certify the election of Republican Congressman-elect Mark Harris, who beat his Democratic opponent, Dan McCready, by about 900 votes. Harris, the only representative not to be seated when the new Congress convened …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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MEMBERS ONLY: Trump and Pelosi’s Re-Enactment Of Richard III

In his latest book, Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics, Pulitzer-Prize winning historian Stephen Greenblatt analyzes the Bard’s most power-hungry characters. The book never mentions Donald Trump by name, but it is easy to see the parallels between our president and the characters Greenblatt writes …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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A Short, Sad History Of Soon To Be Irrelevant Paul Ryan

Yes, folks, you read that headline correctly. In a story broken by Axios this morning, Paul Ryan, the 54th Speaker of the House of Representatives, will retire from Congress at the end of this current session, becoming the first sitting Speaker to forgo re-election in an election year since …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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MEMBERS ONLY: Worse Than Nixon

Shortly after the inaugural last January, acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned Donald Trump that his National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, had been less than forthcoming regarding his conversations with Russians. Trump’s immediate response was to fire Mrs. Yates… To continue reading …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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There’s a New Obamacare Repeal Bill in Town (but Hopefully Not for Long)

Republicans in Congress have to pass their repeal of the Affordable Care Act by September 30, or else it’s not going to happen. That means Zombie Trumpcare has risen again, and at least a few lawmakers think it has a chance. Take a look at what’s in this bill, because you might want to make […]

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The Best Ways to Make Your Voice Heard About the New Health Care Bill

You probably haven’t heard much about the Senate’s version of the health care bill, because a small committee has been working on it in secret. They’re currently planning zero public hearings, and trying to send it to the Congressional Budget Office before making any text public to the American people. If you don’t…Read more… Continue […]

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