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If Buying a Home Seems Impossible, Create a Three-Year Savings Plan

Conversations between homeowners and renters sometimes go like this: The homeowner will ask the renter why they waste their money on rent when their monthly payment could go toward owning a home. The renter says, “I don’t have money for the down payment.” If the renter is lucky, the homeowner shrugs, the conversation…Read more… Continue […]

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How to Close Off Your Home’s ‘Open Concept’ Now That You Hate It

It’s what every show on HGTV had brainwashed you into believing you wanted: An open floor plan. The appeal was clear. Homes with open floor plans feel bigger, brighter and more airy. Plus, if you’re a parent of little kids, that open concept meant you could keep an eye on the kiddos while making dinner. […]

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How to Afford a House When You’re Spending All Your Money on Avocado Toast

If you’re a millennial and having trouble saving up for a home, Australian millionaire Tim Gurner has some simple advice for you: stop eating so much avocado toast. You’ll never be able to save for a home that way. Read more… Continue Reading at

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