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Yes, Corporations Should Boycott Tucker Carlson For Anti-Immigrant Remarks

During a rant about immigrants last week, Tucker Carlson told his audience that accepting them into the United States would make the country “poorer and dirtier and more divided.” He blamed Democrats for telling people like him to “shut up and accept this.” Since then, 20 corporations have cut …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Lynching Memorial Opens in Alabama

“Alabama’s the Confederacy,” Fran Liebowitz said on Real Time last year, correcting Bill Maher’s assertion that it was the heartland. Its long association with slavery, racism, and pedophilic Senate candidates will take a long time to shake. Its current governor, Kay Ivey, signed the …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Antisemitism Reaches A New Low With “Gun Owner” Holocaust Patch

It’s no secret that along with an obsessive need to feign persecution, the American right wing also has a fairly deep streak of antisemitism running through it. It’s also no secret that white Republican voters are some of the most horrible people to ever be produced by this country, existing only …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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