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The Left Must Now Officially Accept That Clinton Would Not Have Been “Just as Bad” as Trump

With Trump’s announcement that the US will be formally recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and will be moving the US embassy there from Tel Aviv, it must now be officially acknowledged by all those on the far Left that Hillary Clinton would not have been “just as bad” as Donald Trump.  …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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Hillary Clinton Just Trolled Trump With The Single Greatest Tweet in Internet History

Forget about the Democratic primaries last year. Forget about the 2016 general election. Forget about Hillary Clinton’s flaws as a presidential candidate, and forget about the sheer awfulness of the past 5 months.  Just savor this sweet, sweet moment in internet history when Donald Trump was …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Clinton Must Only Blame Herself For Loss to Trump if She Wants to Remain Relevant

At the risk of alienating both sides of the ongoing liberal punch up between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters, I’m going to say it: Hillary Clinton must take unequivocal responsibility for her loss to Donald Trump in 2016. While she has every right to blame the media, the FBI and …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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