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The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon Has Awful Headlights: IIHS

The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon is Volkswagen’s new, albeit long delayed, flagship sedan. It’s more expensive than the rest of the VW sedan lineup, and it has that long, elegant body styling that says, “I’m here to make you feel important, not budget-friendly.” But no matter how much you spend on the Arteon, one thing…Read more… […]

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These May Be The Most Superfluous-Seeming Pop-Up Headlights In All Motoring History

I think most red-blooded people enjoy pop-up headlights on some level. Even if you’re not crazy about the oddly eye-less look of many cars with them, you have to appreciate that little extra bit of kinetic fun that comes when your lights don’t just switch on, but actually leap up or flip around or reveal […]

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Headlight Ratings Continue to Show How Automakers Price People Out of Basic Safety

The looks of a car model vary, sometimes slightly and sometimes significantly, between trims. A lot of that variance comes in terms of interior features, screens, and trims. But a major difference, in terms of the safety of the prospective car buyer and everyone else, is something most buyers wouldn’t notice at the…Read more… Continue […]

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Odds Are, Your Headlights Still Suck

A couple of years ago, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety evaluated headlights on 2016 model-year cars and found that most of them, well, sucked. But here we are, more two years later, almost on the dawn of a new decade, and—headlights still pretty much suck.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Mercedes’ Futuristic Headlights Shine Warning Symbols on the Road, and They’re No Longer Just a Concept

Heads-up displays that use a car’s windshield as a screen are a good way to keep drivers informed while their eyes stay on the road ahead. But Daimler thinks it has an even better solution, and on its high-end vehicles it says it will soon introduce programmable, “million-pixel” headlights that project warning symbols…Read more… Continue […]

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