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Ford Says ‘About 27,000’ Focus RSes Could Have Bad Head Gaskets

Yesterday we covered Ford’s new service advisory allowing owners of 2016 and 2017 Ford Focus RSes to get new head gaskets free of charge and—in some cases—new cylinder heads as well. Now The Blue Oval has divulged how many vehicles have been affected, and it’s not exactly a small number.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Ford Finally Issued A Fix For The Failing Focus RS Head Gaskets

Finally, after many months of Ford Focus RS owners complaining about failing head gaskets, the automaker has issued a technical service bulletin that will replace head gaskets—and, potentially even entire cylinder heads—on vehicles built between Aug. 2015 and July 2017 free of charge. Here are the details of that fix.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Why So Many Ford Focus RS Owners Are Freaking Out About Failing Head Gaskets

The Ford Focus RS is a magnificent 350 horsepower all-wheel drive drift machine, so you can imagine how thrilled folks were to be able to actually drop the $35,000 to own one of their own. You can also imagine, then, how upset those same folks were when their engines started failing after only a few […]

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