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QA Testing Games Like Dance Central Is Apparently Grueling And Smelly

Performing quality assurance testing on traditional video games can be grueling, having to sit in front of a monitor for hours on end, performing the same sequences while keeping an eye out for bugs and glitches. But you know what sounds much worse? Doing QA testing for games requiring physical exertion, like Just…Read more… Continue […]

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New Fuser Update Lets Players DJ For 250+ Fans Live

The biggest update to Harmonix Music System’s music mixing game since launch, Fuser’s “Headliner Spotlight” update brings players closer to the DJ fantasy by letting them take the Diamond Stage and play live to hundreds of live spectators in real-time. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Twitch Sings Is Shutting Down On January 1

Today Twitch announced that its online karaoke game, Twitch Sings, will be shutting down on January 1, 2021. Many in the community were caught off guard by the announcement and its details, which seems to be part of a larger problem Twitch has with music licensing.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Harmonix’s Fuser Is A Different Way To Mix Music And Gaming

Coming this fall to PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One from Harmonix and NCSoft, Fuser is the ultimate freestyle DJ simulator. It casts the player as an up-and-coming disc jockey, gives them access to over 100 pop, rap, country, and rock songs, and drops them into spectacular arenas to play a music-mixing game of Simon…Read […]

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A Card Game That Makes Awesome Music Mashups

Music mashup creators work long and hard stripping down popular songs into their component elements and then weaving them together into compelling new tracks. Dropmix, the new mobile-connect game from Hasbro and Harmonix, makes this as easy as shuffling cards. Read more… Continue Reading at

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