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Darren Styles delivers hard dance track, ‘Switch’

As a sub-genre in the ever-changing, underground electronic scene, UK hardcore is making its way to the masses. As one of its primary facilitators, Darren Styles is following up a Monstercat release with his latest track, “Switch.” Primed by a 150+ BPM bassline and some looped vocal pitches, Styles merges a smooth guitar melody into a […]

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Diplo has a production credit on a forthcoming Turnstile track

The question “what would Diplo do?” might best be rephrased as “what is Diplo doing;” the electronic virtuoso’s next step ever unpredictable. Diplo has quickly shifted gears from his recent photoshoot with L’Uomo Vogue to earn a production credit on “Right To Be,” a track expected to appear on Turnstile’s LP Time & Space, due out […]

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