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How to Make Your Pre-Cooked Ham Taste Amazing

Besides mini chocolate eggs, pre-cooked spiral cut hams—also known as “city hams”—have always been my favorite part of Easter. Since there is no danger of undercooking, we’re free to focus flavor. Heating and serving may seem simple enough, but you can overdo it in the oven. This leads to a dry, chewy pork product,…Read more… […]

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What to Buy (and What to Skip) at Trader Joe’s This Christmas

Trader Joe’s loves a theme and, if the veritable wealth of holiday items are any indication, they freaking adore the Christmas season. The selection of cookies, candy, and other edible ephemera is frankly overwhelming, so we took it upon ourselves to taste test it all, and let you know which items are worthy of your…Read […]

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This Monte Cristo Casserole Is the Perfect Combination of Savory and Sweet

Hello, and welcome to Will It Casserole?, the column where I take your delicious concepts and re-imagine them as delicious casserole creations. Today we’re taking one of my favorite sandwiches and transforming into a cheesy, ham-studded, layered piece of edible art.Read more… Continue Reading at

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