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Programmer Hacks Cartridge To Run SNES Games On The NES

The homebrew scene is always coming out with ways to emulate old games on new hardware with as much fidelity to the originals as possible. Programmer Tom Murphy, otherwise known as Tom7, has been working on a slightly different project in his two most recent YouTube videos: figuring out a way to run SNES games […]

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Hackers delete ‘Despacito’ from YouTube after video garners 5 billion views in apparent political statement

The song’s title translates to “Slowly” in English, but the video’s removal from YouTube has been anything but. Luis Fonsi’s hit sensation has been deleted from YouTube just days after it became the first video on the video streaming platform to chart 5 billion views. The hackers responsible for “Despacito’s” disappearance have replaced Fonsi’s famed […]

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