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Parkland Survivors Tell America: “We’ve Seen Our Friends Text Their Parents Goodbye. We Are The Experts.”

Last night, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students David Hogg and Cameron Kasky joined Bill Maher to discuss the campus shooting in Parkland, FL, and their campaign to prevent future gun violence. I was skeptical that two 17 year olds would be able to handle themselves on Maher’s show, and …Continue reading Continue Reading at […]

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The Kids Of Today Will Be The Demise Of Republicans & NRA

The school shooting in Parkland, Florida, killed 17 kids and terrorized an entire school. As a result, schools across America were reevaluating their lockdown drills and parent-run social media groups are having heated debates over teachers being armed. Meanwhile, videos from inside Marjory …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Yes, President Trump Blamed Students For Deadly School Shooting

By now you’ve heard about the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida. By now you’ve heard the call for sensible gun laws and reform. By now you’ve also heard the need for better help for those with mental illnesses. And through all this sorrow and anger and fear, with 17 kids murdered in an …Continue […]

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