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The ArenaNet Catastrophe Has The Whole Game Industry Rethinking Harassment Policies

One week ago, two Guild Wars 2 narrative designers, Jessica Price and Peter Fries, were fired after Price called out a player of the game on Twitter, prompting widespread backlash. Since then, mobs have tried to employ similar tactics against more women, and game development studios have had to take a hard look at…Read more… […]

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Guild Wars 2 Developers Criticized For Technique Used To Suspend More Than 1,500 Accounts

Late last week, ArenaNet, makers of the MMO Guild Wars 2, suspended over 1,500 player accounts it suspected of cheating. According to one of the players caught in the sweep, the studio accomplished this using what some users and experts are calling spyware to monitor people’s computers for known cheat programs.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Guild Wars 2 Developers Donate Thousands After Fan’s House Burns Down

Two weeks before Christmas, a Georgia woman lost her home and nearly everything she owned in a fire. When she went back to survey the damage, one of the few things she recovered was a collector’s edition copy of Nightfall, an expansion for Guild Wars, her favorite video game. After she posted her find on […]

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