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Martin Garrix releases playful dance pop ‘X’s’ under Grx alias

Martin Garrix‘s wall-to-wall dance pop has been permeating through the world’s most-frequented clubs since before he was old enough to legally enter many of them without an escort. Considering his prolific background as a DJ/producer, it’s only logical that Garrix has repeatedly ventured outside the Martin Garrix masthead to perform and create music under alternative […]

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Martin Garrix releases new track under old alias with Brooks, ‘Boomerang’

Martin Garrix is back with new music under a long unused alias via his new single with Brooks titled “Boomerang.” The Dutch producer released the track under his original alias Grx — a fitting decision since this latest single is a classic upbeat Martin Garrix track that is sure to get any festival crowd going.Brooks is a name that progressive […]

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