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Enough With the Resolutions Already

Today is no different than yesterday. You probably woke up this morning with big plans to “really make some changes this year,” but you know what? It’s not going to work. Why? Because you’ve already decided that waiting until the new year to become the new and improved you is the right course of action.Read […]

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If You Want to Stick to a New Year’s Resolution, Phrase It Diffferently

In 2017, for the first time in my life, I actually stuck to a resolution. What’s more, I’d failed at the same resolution—to make a budget and stick to it—for many previous years. Now, if you think there’s something shameful in a grown person not being able to handle her finances, you’re right! But what’s […]

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The Best New Year’s Game Is the One Where You Make Resolutions for Other People  

About ten years ago, I went to a New Year’s Day brunch party. Frankly, I hadn’t really wanted to go. That particular time in my life was a low point; I’d just gone through a breakup and was feeling unusually forlorn, and I wanted to wallow at home. But the hostess was a good friend […]

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Make Continuous Progress Toward Your Goals with “Non-Zero Days”

Staying motivated enough to work toward our goals can be tough. The minutia of life can get in the way of our lofty dreams—which is where the non-zero method comes in. The idea is simple: do just one thing every day that help you move toward what you want to achieve. Even if that’s just […]

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How to Work on Your Laptop at a Coffee Shop Without Being a Jerk

From across the coffee shop, I noticed a gentleman walking in with a computer. Not a laptop, mind you. With both hands, he carried a full-on desktop, monitor and console included. Surely he’s not … I thought to myself—but I was wrong. He plopped the machinery down on a table, plugged in, and ordered his […]

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I Deadlifted 275 Pounds by Focusing on the Process, Not the Goal

In August 2015, I boldly proclaimed that I would become a “deadlifting badass.” In my own world, that meant being able to deadlift 300 pounds. I struggled with 205 pounds at the time, so 300 felt like a dream goal, the kind a 4-year-old might blurt out. Then, last week I finally deadlifted 275 pounds for the first…

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