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Make Continuous Progress Toward Your Goals with “Non-Zero Days”

Staying motivated enough to work toward our goals can be tough. The minutia of life can get in the way of our lofty dreams—which is where the non-zero method comes in. The idea is simple: do just one thing every day that help you move toward what you want to achieve. Even if that’s just […]

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How to Work on Your Laptop at a Coffee Shop Without Being a Jerk

From across the coffee shop, I noticed a gentleman walking in with a computer. Not a laptop, mind you. With both hands, he carried a full-on desktop, monitor and console included. Surely he’s not … I thought to myself—but I was wrong. He plopped the machinery down on a table, plugged in, and ordered his […]

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I Deadlifted 275 Pounds by Focusing on the Process, Not the Goal

In August 2015, I boldly proclaimed that I would become a “deadlifting badass.” In my own world, that meant being able to deadlift 300 pounds. I struggled with 205 pounds at the time, so 300 felt like a dream goal, the kind a 4-year-old might blurt out. Then, last week I finally deadlifted 275 pounds for the first…

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