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Sign Up to Beta Test GitHub’s New iOS and Android Apps

Github is an excellent resource for programmers of all levels and serves as a great repository of readily available software and development tools. The website is a chore to use on anything other than a desktop, but that could soon change thanks to a new dedicated app that GitHub is asking you to help beta […]

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How to Give YouTube a ‘Classic’ Look on Firefox and Chrome

If you feel nostalgic for the way YouTube used to be, or at least how it used to look, it’s possible to go back. An extension called “YouTube Classic” for Firefox and Chrome allows you reskin the web video hub with a retro look shifts that reverts the site to how it looked once upon […]

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Get a look at the technology behind Google’s touchscreen AI synth [Watch]

Google’s position at the forefront of technological innovation finds a new mode in the touchscreen hardware synth recently unveiled by the company. An alternative to synths that traditionally combine waveforms to generate sound, the touchscreen, AI assisted synth uses NSynth machine learning technology to “interpret” a range of inputs and generate new sounds. The NSynth technology enables Google’s […]

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