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Women Win Big in House Primaries Last Night

Last night’s primaries in Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia garnered more attention for who lost rather than who won. In Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, the former Congressman and perennial Presidential candidate lost the nomination for governor this fall. Although his old presidential …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Scott Walker Freaks Out On Twitter As Wisconsin Democrats Crush Republicans in Blue Wave

Last night Wisconsin held local elections. In a normal year, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but given that nothing is normal under Donald Trump, the results in this state portend the oft-mentioned Blue Wave that will sweep Democrats to victory this fall. For the past eight years, Wisconsin has …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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Republicans Are Behind Trump’s Sabotage Of The Census

Tuesday’s headlines were all about how Trump wants to change the Census to add a citizenship question: Trump’s Census Change Could Give the GOP an Advantage for Years to Come Trump Admin Makes Change To Census Experts Say Will Lead To Undercount Trump administration’s census plan would hurt …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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“State’s Rights” Republicans Are Begging SCOTUS To Stop Pennsylvania From Ending Gerrymandering

UPDATE: Literally as I was posting this article, word came down that Justice Alito rejected the plea of the PA GOP to preserve their unconstitutional congressional map. Republicans are running out of legal options to forestall the loss of their precious map. Now we’ll see if they resort to illegal …Continue reading Continue Reading at […]

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1 Vote May Have Just Lost Republicans Control of Virginia for the Next 20 Years

It’s another bad day for Republicans as they just lost control of the carefully gerrymandered Virginia House of Delegates after a closely watched recount turned a 10 vote Republican lead into a 1 vote Democratic win for Shelly Simonds. That means the 100 seat House is now split evenly between both …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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Chief Justice Roberts Called Sociology “Gobbledygook” so a Leading Sociologist Publicly Spanked Him

There are exactly two ways to approach Gil v. Whitford, the gerrymandering case currently before the Supreme Court. One, you can look at the merits of the case and decide whether or not the extreme partisan gerrymandering Republicans have engaged in has, in fact, stripped people of their vote (to …Continue reading Continue Reading at […]

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