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Your Steering Wheel Is Nasty as Hell: Study

As a person reading this website on some sort of technological device, you’ve probably heard that phone screens are really, really nasty. But that stat doesn’t even begin to compare with the average steering wheel, which is apparently far nastier than the average elevator button, toilet seat or smartphone.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Self Check-in Screen is the Most Germ-Infested Part of the Airport

After a particularly rough battle with some disease I called the flu but was probably an epic cold earlier year I’ve gotten pretty obsessive about watching what I touch in public places. I also carry around antibacterial wipes whenever I fly (a habit I’ve had for years), and immediately wipe down my tray table,…Read more… […]

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All About Flesh-Eating Bacteria, the Bacteria That … Well, You Know

In one of the world’s many injustices, two people who rescued others during Hurricane Harvey developed infections with “flesh eating” bacteria. Another person, a woman who fell and broke her arm in the flood, developed a similar infection so bad that she died from it. Fortunately, their stories are rare.Read more… Continue Reading at

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A “Boil Water Advisory” Means Boil It for One Minute

A twitter poll by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals a misconception about boil-water advisories: people think you need to cook that water a loooong time to kill germs. Actually, you just need to boil it for one minute. Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Get Over Your Meat-Cooking Concerns

Meat is not for everyone. If you didn’t grow up in a meat-eating household, or if you’re a former vegetarian, cooking it can seem a little daunting. It is, however, not that hard to cook, but there are some common concerns people have when they first embark down the path of cooking animals.Read more… Continue […]

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Blowing Germs All Over Someone Else’s Food is Fine When It’s Birthday Cake

According to recent research, blowing all over a birthday cake puts germs on that birthday cake. Pretty obvious when you think about it. Would you ever say, “Friend, please blow on my sandwich?” That would be gross, wouldn’t it?Read more… Continue Reading at

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