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Tesla Still Isn’t The Most Valuable Automaker Brand In The World

Tesla has been skyrocketing in value but hasn’t reached the acme, Byton is in trouble, and the Geneva Motor Show might be done for good. All that and more in The Morning Shift for June 30, 2020.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Morgan’s New Plus Six Flagship Is All-New and Has the Supra’s Engine But Is Still Very Much A Morgan

Chances are, if this all-new Morgan Plus Six drove by you, you’d crane your neck around to watch it pass, but not because you were thinking “holy shit, look at that radically all-new Morgan!” but because you were thinking “hey, look, a Morgan!” Most people—even ones who know what Morgans are—wouldn’t have any idea…Read more… […]

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Often Questionable Tuner Vilner Did Some Samurai Stuff To A Mitsubishi

Okay, everybody, you’ve been warned: Vilner, the tuner company who decided to put more hair into a Mustang has set their sights on Mitsubishi, and are teasing something they’re calling “Mitsubishi Allroads Ronin” before its release at the Geneva Auto Show. If you miss that ex-roommate who hung a $25 fake katana he got…Read more… […]

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The New Stratos Is Coming With 550 HP And A Safari Version (UPDATED)

Every so often in this trash world, we get to wake up to some good news that’s like a ray of sunlight on a gray and stormy day. Today’s breath of fresh air concerns the New Stratos, which apparently has finally been greenlit for production. Update: The New Stratos will still use Ferrari F430 underpinnings.Read […]

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