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The Genesis Mini Makes Up For Years Of Crappy Sega Clones

Sega did mini consoles before mini consoles were cool. For well over a decade you’ve been able to buy plug-and-play Sega machines filled with Genesis classics. Of course, they all pretty much sucked, full of emulation problems and mediocre games. But the Genesis Mini is almost here, and it’s ready to restore Sega’s…Read more… Continue […]

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Genesis Gave the G70 a Manual Transmission Even Though It Knew Barely Anybody Would Buy One

When it comes to new vehicles with manual transmissions, at least in this bleak segment of the global car market we call America, things aren’t great—even the holdouts are shedding their third pedals, and barren sales justify it. But Genesis knew its manual G70 sedan would barely sell, and brought it here anyway.Read more… Continue […]

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Take a Closer Look at The New Genesis Mint Luxury EV Hatchback Concept

Your video feed on Facebook has slowly devolved into an amalgam of moderately interesting news pieces, clips of politicians making passionate arguments, puppies being cute, and the newest episode of Ow, My Balls, but occasionally there are a few gems in there, like the launch of this new EV supermini urban two-seater… Read more…

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New Genesis Concept Promises Big Surprise In Small Package

Not too long ago, a Genesis was a Hyundai sports coupe. Now that Genesis is its own luxury brand, it’s so far produced fairly standard premium sedans. But something’s coming to the New York Auto Show this week, and it promises to be something fun in a small package. Read more… Continue Reading at

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There are Fewer Than 50 Manual Genesis G70s in America Right Now, Go Buy One

There was a time when nearly every luxury sport sedan could be had with a manual gearbox. Now both BMW and Audi have abandoned that market, and a scrappy newcomer called the Genesis G70 carries the row-your-own gears torch. There’s not many out there, however. Get one while you can.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Best Sports Event This Weekend Was A Smash Ultimate Tournament

Right after the world’s most blah Super Bowl mercifully wrapped itself up, 124,000 viewers tuned in to Twitch to watch something way more exciting: the Oakland Super Smash Bros. tournament Genesis 6. The event was one hype moment after another, and its players looked so capable that, at times, I wondered what devil…Read more… Continue […]

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Justice’s ‘Love S.O.S.’ video is a violent and vivifying take on fame from the perspective of the spectacle

      Where there’s Justice afoot, some freakish (and unmistakably French) fun is sure to follow. The duo’s recently released “Love S.O.S.” video is an uncanny manifestation of Justice’s otherworldly aesthetic and improbable journey. The track comes off Justice’s recently released Woman Worldwide live album, which consists of re-envisioned tracks from their vast repertoire. “Love S.O.S.” […]

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Genesis Beat Porsche in Another JD Power Study But There’s a Catch

2018 has been pretty good so far for Genesis, Hyundai’s new luxury arm. It launched the 2019 G70 and scored top marks in the 2018 JD Power initial quality test. Now, the results for the APEAL study are out and it looks like Genesis is the top dog once again.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Genesis Needs to Build a Balanced Lineup if It Wants to Make It

Genesis, Hyundai’s new luxury brand, recently launched the third member of its lineup, the 2019 Genesis G70 luxury sports sedan. It’s a wonderful car, but its presence orients Genesis’ current trajectory eerily in the direction of Cadillac’s: heavy on sedans and too light on the SUVs and crossovers that everyone is…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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