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Foursquare’s redesign will make expertise the new gamification

Foursquare has been in the process of transitioning away from the check-in for much of the year,  after splitting its product into two standalone apps, with the focus of the flagship product being discovery. One thing lost in the process was the badges and mayorship gamification elements that made Foursquare popular in its early days. [...]

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As another scampaign is exposed, Indiegogo again refuses to act

For anyone who followed our reporting reporting on Indiegogo’s Healbe scampaign, you need to go to The Next Web right now and read Martin Bryant’s teardown of the Ritot projection watch project, also on Indiegogo. To Bryan’s credit, he acknowledges that his publication had initially plugged the campaign, fooled by yet another attention grabbing idea that turned out [...]

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10 Malware Removal Apps Tested, Malwarebytes Comes out on Top

A recent test done by the independent antivirus research group AV-TEST—whose tests we’ve mentioned in the past —took a look at the performance of today’s most popular malware removal applications. Most of the applications showed excellent performance, but only Malwarebytes—a free download—managed a perfect score. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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