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Five Best Text Editors

Whether you’re a developer or a writer, a good text editor is a must-have on any computer, in any operating system. The humble text editor is great for managing code, writing down quick notes, or just as a distraction-free writing tool. This week, we’re looking at five of the best, based on your nominations. Read [...]

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This Faucet Sprayer’s Flat Blade of Water Scrapes Dishes Clean

If you’re lucky enough to have a retractable sprayer attached to your kitchen faucet, you’ve probably noticed that its circular blast often isn’t powerful enough to really scrape dishes clean. To fix that, Kohler is introducing what it calls Sweep spray technology that blasts stuck-on food with a wide blade of water that works like [...]

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How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups

The following is excerpted with permission from The Lean Enterprise: How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups, by Trevor Owens and Obie Fernandez. Enterprises are in Peril.  The need for enterprises to innovate has never been more acute. Many established brands are on the ropes. American Airlines was valued at just $5.5 billion at the time [...]

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