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The Inspirational Workspace

Hang up some motivational posters and you’re not only decorating your office, you’re also encouraging yourself to be more productive every time you’re in that space. Hand lettering artist Sean McCabe’s workspace is a testimony to the power of words and design. Read more… Continue Reading from the Source

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GOP Congressman wants to investigate Google because no one can find his favorite movie in search

Google has plenty of high-profile friends in the US government, particularly within the military and surveillance communities. But one US Congressman isn’t backing down over what he believes to be a gross injustice committed by the search giant. Is he mad about the company’s involvement with secret wage theft agreements? Or its close ties to the NSA? Or its lucrative deals [...]

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Northward: Marble Garden

On a recent trek to Minnesota to visit family and do a bit of research on experimental cities, I knew exactly where the soundtrack for my journey around the state would be coming from: 89.3 FM, The Current. I discovered some great new music while listening to the station, but one song stuck out as [...]

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The FCC tells Comcast and Verizon to stop screwing customers. But will they listen?

The Federal Communications Commission has issued a statement reminding Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon that they can’t lie about the speed of a consumer’s service. The statement doesn’t establish a new rule — rather, it reminds ISPs that the agency is paying attention to their activities even as it lets them undermine the principles [...]

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How To Scan 50 Miles of Historical Documents Into an Online Archive

Tracking the lightning quick development of modern cities is easy with Google Street View , but a big new project aims to provide context for the past 1,000 years of urban evolution in Venice, Italy. The Venice Time Machine will digitize and catalog a staggering amount of historical documents—a combined 50 miles worth of shelves!—then [...]

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Circle responds to complaints that its bitcoin purchases are treated as cash advances

Two months after revealing the consumer-friendly bitcoin wallet and exchange that I dubbed “Bitcoin Bank of America,” Circle Financial began granting beta access earlier this week. Early reviews have been strong, with users praising the platform’s usability and low-fee structure. Although the number of users with access were small, the feedback seemed to validate the [...]

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