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Oingo Boingo: Dead Man’s Party

It’s October 31st. You’re stranded on a ~haunted~ desert island. The evil powers that be have stipulated that you must listen—and sing along!—to one Halloweenie song for the entire 24 hours, and then a helicopter full of pizza and beer and candy will come rescue you. What tune do you choose?? Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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Happy Halloween! Here are the five best horror movies about technology

The best horror movies are reflections of a society’s collective anxieties. Sure, they may feature ghosts or zombies or other imaginary creatures. But whether it’s “28 Days Later”‘s post-apocalyptic military state which draws to mind 9/11, or the timely undertones of political corruption and mistrust in 1976’s “The Omen,” great scary movies are often as much about [...]

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Strong brew: Starbucks CEO promises to compete on mobile payments, reveals on-demand delivery plans

The era of mobile payments has arrived, seemingly overnight. But while plenty of companies have attempted to enter this market in years past, none have managed to drive mainstream adoption of their technology. None, that is, except for Starbucks. Which is why public statements this week by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz that the company will [...]

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