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Ultra Music Festival Will Stay In Miami

Remember when we trolled everyone and said Ultra 2015 was cancelled and would no longer be in Miami? Well, little did we know that there was actually a petition going around trying to take Ultra out of South Beach…oops. In any case, the Miami Commission met yesterday and ruled 4 to 1 that Ultra stay [...]

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Crossbones (Trailer)

John Malkovich plays dread pirate Blackbeard (Greybeard?) as he hunts for the “invention that will change the world.” Though we wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be a senile coot in Florida. Crossbones premieres 5/30 on NBC. Link Continue Reading from the Source

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REBEL8 x Crescent 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

California’s Joshy D- and Mike Giant-helmed REBEL8 supplements its Spring/Summer 2014 collection with a release that’s distinctly American: a “Drop Forged” capsule alongside iconic tool company Crescent. Highlighted by a custom laser-etched version of Crescent’s signature 8″ adjustable wrench, the collection includes a graphic tee, crew neck sweatshirt, and snapback – all of which come [...]

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Bye-Bye Bundy: Conservatives Distance Themselves from Former National Folk Hero (Even Hannity)

Like rats abadoning a sinking ship, the conservative political and media figures who’ve spent the past two weeks lionizing Cliven Bundy are getting as far away from him as possible now that he’s proven himself to be nothing more than your average crusty old racist. Unlike, say, that time that Phil Robertson made some ass-backward [...]

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Watch the BMW i8 get wrung out on the Ring

Filed under: Coupe, Hybrid, Performance, Videos, BMW Been wondering where the heck the reviews of the all-new, plug-in-hybrid BMW i8 have been? After all, the car isn’t exactly new, having debuted in concept form way back in September of 2009. In August of last year, we even tested a prototype of the new supercar. Despite [...]

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A First Look at the Supreme x Brooks Brothers Collaboration

Although we still don’t have any specific details surrounding the forthcoming collaboration between 200-year-old suit maker Brooks Brothers and pioneering streetwear label Supreme, we have discovered that the teaser image we posted two weeks ago will appear in the latest issue of Man About Town. “Targeted at high-end business-engaged and culturally-oriented male urbanites,” Man About [...]

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OnePlus One

The OnePlus One has a quad-core 2.5Ghz CPU, 3GB RAM, 16GB or 64GB storage, 5.5″ 1080p screen, 3100mAh battery and CyanogenMod, the highly customizable Android offshoot. It will sell for just $299 to $349 unlocked. Hat Tip Link Continue Reading from the Source

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2015 Chevy Camaro Z/28 already sold out?

Filed under: Car Buying, Coupe, Performance, Plants/Manufacturing, Chevrolet Chevrolet may have struck gold with the Camaro Z/28. Not only is it a great car to drive, it’s also proving to be a hot seller. A rumor has emerged that the brand has already fulfilled all the orders for the planned 500-car production run. Don’t worry, [...]

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No, Rome’s Collapse Wasn’t Caused By Lead Poisoning

Rome was the first city on the planet to have an extensive and efficient municipal water system, thanks to the empire’s ambitious aqueduct system that’s still found throughout Europe. But that infrastructure was also pumping ancient Romans with lead—up to 100 times the amount of lead found in local spring water. Read more… Continue Reading [...]

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