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Why Isn’t Every Lightning Cable Wrapped In Stainless Steel?

The benefits of armoring a charging cable with stainless steel should be self evident. Metal is strong, hefty, and looks really cool. But you’d probably assume that a metal-wrapped cable would be too stiff and inflexible to be practical. Well, you’d be wrong.Read more… Continue Reading at

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These Are the Two Best USB Travel Chargers, According To Our Readers

Two travel-friendly USB chargers stood out from the pack this week, and they couldn’t be more different. It’s the tiny Aukey dual-port charger vs. Anker’s much larger PowerCore Fusion, which justifies its size with a built-in battery pack. Which one belongs in your travel bag? See what our readers said below, and…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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I’m Eric O’Neill, National Security Strategist and Former Counterterrorism Operative, and This Is How I Work 

Eric O’Neill was once a counterterrorism operative for the FBI, where he played a major role in capturing the spy Robert Hanssen (his boss at the FBI, whom he was hired to spy on—for more on that, check out his Wikipedia page). His role in capturing Hanssen became the subject of the movie Breach (2007), […]

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Breville Smart Oven Air: The Best Toaster Oven Is Now An Air-Fryer And Dehydrator

You voted Breville’s Toaster Ovens the best in the business, and their latest, the Smart Oven Air, even replaces your dehydrator and air-fryer, along with your toaster (obviously), your oven (maybe), and possibly even your slow cooker.Read more… Continue Reading at

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