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Making A Tire Out Of Coke Bottles Is A Magical Trainwreck I Can’t Look Away From

There isn’t a single alternate universe out there where making a tire out of plastic coke bottles should work, but that’s what makes this strange Russian car experiment so fascinating. I know it won’t work, but I can’t look away. I want to see how and when it will fail, and the results deliver. Read […]

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Watch This Guy Make Sketchy Studded Ice Tires Using Self Tapping Screws And Duct Tape

If you want to maximize speed on an ice racetrack, studded tires are the way to go. But they’re not always cheap, so YouTuber Garage 54 ENG decided to make his own using self-tapping screws and some old tires. The results are actually impressive, even if this idea isn’t exactly “advisable.” Read more… Continue Reading […]

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