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Civilization VI Offers Free Stuff Because Of Currency Rip-Offs

I have seen many reasons given by major publishers for the distribution of free content, but international currency discrepancies is a new one. Yet that’s what is happening with Civilization VI, with 2K announcing a whole range of new stuff that’s going to be given away free to owners of the game’s Digital Deluxe…Read more… […]

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Korean Politician Uses Overwatch Video On The Campaign Trail

Sim Sang-jung is a politician currently running for President in the wake of South Korea’s disastrous corruption scandal. She (or at least someone on her campaign team) knows that a good way to reach out to the kids is with Overwatch Play of the Game videos, in which her kills are political owns.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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18 Years Later, Germany Gets An Uncensored Version Of Half-Life

The Half-Life that was released in Germany in 1998 was a little different. Instead of marines there were robots, and instead of dying horribly the scientists would just kind of sit down and be sad. Well chin up lads, in 2017 Germany’s Half-Life is now as human and violent as everyone else’s.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Battlegrounds Will Add Loot Crates And Skins, But Not Until After Early Access

With over two million copies sold, I think it’s fair to say that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is doing alright, money-wise. The developers hopefully will not starve. They do, however, have plans to make more money off the game in the future. But not until it’s “done.”Read more… Continue Reading at

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Call Of Duty Zombies Chronicles Announced A Few Feet From YouTuber’s Bathroom

Leaked all to hell and confirmed today via unzipped hoodie in a YouTube video, Black Ops 3 players are getting an extra dose of DLC in the form of Zombies Chronicles, a collection of eight remastered zombie maps from Black Ops, World At War and Black Ops 3 on May 16. Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Transformers: Forged To Fight Adds Another Cool Bot I’ll Spend Money To Not Get

Random paid character drops in mobile games aren’t new, but I’m really feeling the burn in Kabam’s mobile fighting game Transformers: Forged to Fight. First I missed out on Beast Wars Waspinator. Now I’m not going to get Soundwave. Ugh.Read more… Continue Reading at

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