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Rust, As Told By Steam Reviews

If you even casually follow the Grimace-colored streaming monolith that is Twitch, you’re well aware that the current flavor of the month is Rust, a survival game that originally came out in 2013. This means new players are discovering the genre oldtimer for the first time. While some enjoy the game’s inhospitable…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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How To Ensure Your Old Hitman Data Follows You To Hitman 3

Hitman 3, out today for pretty much all of the platforms, sees Agent 47 continue his spree of heinous crimes, including murder and travel journalism. Like the previous entry in IO Interactive’s sumptuous Savile Row simulator, you can import levels and character progression from prior games. It’s only a matter of…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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The New Hawkmoon Quest Is Solo Destiny 2 At Its Best

Destiny 2 has always primarily been, and will likely always remain, a multiplayer game best experienced with kind strangers or old friends. But occasionally there have been times where the loot shooter has invited and even encouraged players to see what troublesome fun they can get up to on their own, and the latest…Read more… […]

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This Is Not Fiction

In different ways, some of Marvel’s superheroes like Captain America and the Punisher, and Lucasfilm’s infamous Galactic Empire, have all been in the news as of late for reasons that have little to do with the stories we’re used to seeing them in. Instead, they’ve become part of the odd and often irresponsible way…Read more… […]

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