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New For Honor Bot ‘TheeLizardWizard’ Pays Tribute To A Player Who Died

Fatmooch69 has spent the last couple weeks searching for a bot in For Honor. The AI in question is a Raider, one of the game’s two-handed axe wielding vikings, called TheeLizardWizard. Fotmooch69 has enlisted other Reddit users to help him, asking them to share screenshots if they ever encounter it. That’s because…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Fortnite’s Comet Drama Showed What The Game Does Best

You’ve probably heard about how a comet hit the Fortnite map by now. There’s a reason so many people were transfixed by this cosmic encounter: developer Epic made it feel like an event, worthy of wonder in the same way a real-world solar eclipse would be. In an age of instant social media updates, constant […]

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Rainbow Six: Siege’s New Zombie Update Is So Good, Players Are Coming Back In Droves

When Rainbow Six: Siege first launched in 2015 I had no idea that it would eventually ask me to fight alien zombies in New Mexico. But here we are, three years later, with a beefy free update that adds a great new game mode, as well as more weapons, characters, skins and balance tweaks.Read more… […]

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