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The New Mercedes-Benz G-Class Has A Lot Of Changes Except For The Cool Door Locks

Mercedes-Benz showcasing a first generation G-Wagen frozen in amber may have just been a marketing ploy to promote their tie-in with the rebooted Jurassic Park film franchise, but it served as an apt if unintentional metaphor for the vehicle. This has been a car frozen in time, with a body virtually unchanged since…Read more… Continue […]

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The 2019 Mercedes G-Wagen Isn’t Too Different, Don’t Worry

The all-new 2019 Mercedes G-Wagen is planned to debut at the Detroit Auto Show in a couple of weeks, but Mercedes just couldn’t hold back on releasing some interesting details a little bit early, perhaps to reassure us that the new one won’t be too different. Read more… Continue Reading at

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The 2018 G-Wagen Is Different And Mercedes Really Means It This Time

The angry, blocky Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen has been around in its current shape since the 1970s. Over the years its powertrains have changed, its interior’s been wrapped in different cloths, but it looks like 2018 will be the first major update the world’s roughest luxury “car” has had in a long, long time.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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