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The Furries of GTA Online Just Want To Play, But Jerks Get In The Way

GTA Online is home to a community of people who dress up as animals and commit virtual crimes together. The Furry Army, which boasts a roster of nearly 200 members, is led by a red fox-cheetah hybrid, Vik Nightfox. Like anyone else, these players want to have fun in the wild streets of Los Santos, […]

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All Hotel Guests Should Behave Like These Furries

Furries—people who dress up like cartoon animals and do less sex stuff than you’d think—know that the rest of society finds them weird. In public, they often respond to this by being very careful and polite. For example, a group of furries at the recent Midwest FurFest left their hotel cleaning staff a nice tip […]

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How to Treat a Furry in Public

Over 7,000 furries are coming to Pittsburgh this weekend for Anthrocon, the annual convention for people who dress like wolves, dragons, and combination wolf-dragons. The convention includes a public parade, which last year featured 2,100 participants. Anthrocon rep John Cole gave the Incline some etiquette tips for…Read more… Continue Reading at

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