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Every Man Should Know How To Play A Musical Instrument

Greetings, fellow dong-wielders of the Manosphere. As part of my efforts to be more involved in this space of ours, I thought I would first muse on a subject very close to my heart: music and the art of playing it. Confucius said that “music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do […]

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Gifts for the Person Who Is Bored With Their Workout Routine

Exercise routines don’t have to be thrilling; ask anyone who slogs through a 6am workout every day. But even if someone is happy with a dull routine, that doesn’t mean they’ll derive joy from unwrapping a sparkly gift box that contains (yawn) another pair of weights. So try these gifts instead.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Tiny Cardboard Arcade Is An Awesome Kids’ Meal Toy

An ill-fated trip through the local Wendy’s drive through yesterday resulted in room temperature fries, the wrong size drink and confirmation of my children’s suspicions that not all chicken nuggets are created equal. But hey, check out this awesome little arcade building set that came in their kid’s meal.Read more… Continue Reading at

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