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There’s Still No Such Thing As Flying Car Racing Because There Still Aren’t Flying Cars

Unlike in my personal life, I don’t usually use “The Swears” in my writing. But Jason Torchinsky told me I need to use a lot of profanity in this post, so fuck it. I’m going to say fuck a lot. And also bullshit. But to be fair to Jason, he’s fucking correct. The only way […]

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Game Payment Company CEO Sounds Like A Massive Jerk

Game payment company Xsolla is reportedly planning to lay off 150 people for being “unengaged and unproductive.” CEO and founder, Aleksandr Agapitov later wrote on Twitter, “Work your fucking ass off or get your fucking ass out.” It’s a big old mess made more complicated by the CEO’s continued follow-up remarks that…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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It Takes Two Director’s ‘F*ck The Oscars’ Rant Is Hidden In The Game

Josef Fares’ new game, It Takes Two, apparently includes audio from the director’s infamous “fuck the Oscars” rant in all its incoherent glory.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Chairlift Becomes Possessed By Satan, Wigs The Fuck Out

If you’ve ever been skiing, you know that falling off the chairlift is everyone’s worst nightmare. Ah, but what if I told you there’s a whole other KIND of worst chairlift nightmare, one in which the chairlift cries out FUCK THIS, shifts into Hard Reverse, and begins depositing skiers onto the bottom of the mountain…Read […]

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