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When Spending the Extra Money Is Worth It, According to Reddit

It can be hard to justify spending more on an item when a cheaper version is sitting right in front of you at the store—maybe even on the same shelf. But just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean it’ll serve your needs. In the best-case scenario, you’ll have you replace the item more quickly than […]

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Where to Find a Personal Finance Community Online

We might talk about money in this corner of Lifehacker all day every day, but outside the warm confines of Two Cents, discussing money is still generally frowned upon. In fact, people are so hush-hush about their finances that they would rather talk about their sex life than their credit card debt at a dinner […]

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When Is a ‘Small’ Purchase Still Not Worth It?

When you read a lot of personal finance articles, you inevitably reach a point where you can’t buy a water bottle at the corner deli or buy gas without driving around to find something that’s two cents cheaper a gallon without feeling some sense of shame. Those are unnecessary purchases after all, and everyone knows…Read […]

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How to Make Cheap Stew Meat Taste Great

Frugal, cozy people, rejoice—stew weather is here. There’s nothing better than a bowl of stew in cold weather, and there’s nothing more satisfying to a penny-pincher than quarts and quarts of single-bowl meals made with the cheapest cuts of meat. Stew is easy, but to get the best flavors, stew meat needs a little…Read more… […]

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Shopkick Lets You Earn Shopping Rewards Without the Extra Effort

If you’re going to spend money, you might as well earn rewards while you’re at it. I’ve never been a fan of scanning receipts or traveling through shopping portals to score points, though, which is why Shopkick is one of my favorite apps for earning rewards.Read more… Continue Reading at

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