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You Should Be Playing The Brutal City Builder Frostpunk

If you had told me months ago that a city builder about the remnants of 19th century England trying to survive the next ice age would sell hundreds of thousands of copies in its first week on Steam, I’d have guessed you were hallucinating from hypothermia. But that’s exactly what Frostpunk did, and after spending […]

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New City-Building Game Frostpunk Is Great For Those Of Us Who Love The Cold

In Frostpunk, a new snowy city-builder by This War of Mine studio 11 Bit that is out today, the player develops a city in a frozen wastelands. You must fuel the churning generator at the heart of your town,feeding it enough coal to keep your people alive. The cold is your first and greatest foe, […]

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Frostpunk Is A City-Builder Where You Can Eat The Dead

As a fan of any game with a temperature gauge, I’ve been excited about Frostpunk since the first snowy videos appeared. After playing a recent demo of the game’s opening hours, Frostpunk seems like it’s shaping up to be an interesting mix of city-building and survival.Read more… Continue Reading at

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