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One Intrepid Motorist Is At Present Traversing The Nation In A 1919 Franklin Motor Car

This incredibly well engineered 25 horsepower aircooled Franklin Series 9b Touring was built in 1919, was sold to Jim Eby’s grandfather, and has been in his family ever since. Now, because he’s an intrepid motorist, Jim is driving the Franklin across the United States from one Concours d’Lemons in Michigan to the…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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This Wonderful Loon Is Driving A 1919 Air-Cooled Franklin All Around America

Sometimes, I have moments where I feel like a badass because I regularly drive some pretty old cars. But like every moment where I feel like a badass, it’s very short-lived, because I remember that people like Jim Eby exist. He’s about to drive a 99-year-old air-cooled Franklin on a massive trip all over the […]

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