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Whoops: Fox News Displays Poll Showing It Is Least Trusted Cable Network In America

While the money is no doubt good at Fox News, it must be a rather humiliating affair going on air day in, day out, knowing that you work for the least trusted cable news network in America.  During a segment on Sunday on Media Buzz, Fox News host Howard Kurtz and pollster Frank Luntz were […]

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Frank Luntz Wins Prize For Dumbest, Most Predictable Response To Trump’s State Of The Union Address

American corporate news culture is so boringly predictable that it never ceases to amaze me. To run the same repetitive schtick day in, day out, all year, is a testament to the industry’s limitless capacity for inanity. The financial pay off is obviously worth it though, and they do their jobs …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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