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Four Tet shares contemplative new track ‘Scientists’ off forthcoming album

The energy is palpable, as Four Tet‘s new album, New Energy, will see the light of day this September. In what was unsurprisingly anti-climactic, Kieran Hebden announced the record on his social media on Sept. 12. The following day, the artist coyly dropped the album’s fourth single, “Scientists.”“Scientists” is a slightly more laid-back affair than previous swirling numbers “SW9 […]

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Four Tet’s new album, ‘New Energy,’ is out at the end of the month

In July, Four Tet released his first official single as a solo artist since 2013, “Two Thousand Seventeen.” The artist’s emergence from the woodwork, in turn, was all a culmination of his grand sonic return and a look at his forthcoming record New Energy. After the first release, the artist’s since shared two swirling tracks, “SWL 9SL” and […]

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Four Tet slings out swirling new song ‘SW9 9SL’

Four Tet is slinging out some seriously mysterious work as of late. With no complaints, Kieran Hebden’s recently shared “Planet,” was shortly followed up with a slyly shared track added to his long-running Spotify playlist. The gibberish-emoji titled track ended up dating back to 2016’s Randoms compilations. Now he’s slung out another new track, that swirls in its […]

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Four Tet shares mysterious track dating back to last year’s ‘Randoms’ compilation

Looks can be deceiving. Sounds, on the other hand, are pretty straightforward. So stands Four Tet‘s latest Spotify mystery. Just last week, Kieran Hebdan uploaded a new track to his pinned Spotify playlist named with various emoji and unknown symbols. While it’s not clear what the track is named on first glance, it’s clear after […]

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Four Tet releases avant-garde new single, announces album coming in 2017

London based DJ and producer, Four Tet, has emerged from the woodwork in grand form with the release of his newest track, “Two Thousand And Seventeen.” Featuring sweeping harmonic progressions and tranquil sonic sensibilities, the striking downtempo piece marks Kieran Hebden’s first officially released single as a solo artist since 2013. “Two Thousand And Seventeen” comes alongside […]

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