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Twitch Stopped Working Right After Fortnite’s Big Marvel Event

Today, Fortnite players battled Galactus, devourer of worlds, in the culmination of the game’s Marvel-flavored fourth season. With the event ending on a cliffhanger, the biggest boy in a fictional universe of very big boys did not end up going down. But Twitch sure did.Read more… Continue Reading at

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I Won’t Miss Fortnite’s Marvel Season

Fortnite’s Marvel-themed season comes to an end next week, with super villain Galactus finally arriving on the island on Tuesday afternoon. Dataminers are finding lots of references to past season events, Epic has put out some streaming rules suggesting there’ll be copyrighted music, and we really have no idea what…Read more… Continue Reading at

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7 Video Games Where You Can Play Hide-and-Seek

Some video games are linear: You have a goal and you achieve it, ideally successfully. Others are a bit more open-ended, letting you explore gorgeous worlds and interact with fascinating people or characters. Sometimes, it’s even fun to try and hide from them. Read more… Continue Reading at

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6 Video Games Where Dressing Up Is Part of the Fun

Video games are a great way to explore unique worlds and test the limits of your abilities—but let’s be honest, they’re also about wearing cool outfits. Some games have taken this to the next level by featuring not just great outfits but also fantastic costumes. Read more… Continue Reading at

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