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Retro-Inspired Grabber Lime Green Is Back for the Ford Mustang

As a person of Irish descent, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t care about Ford releasing a new green for the Mustang in mid-March because it is coming out “just in time” for St. Patrick’s Day—as if it weren’t planned months in advanced. I’m here to tell you you should care, because green […]

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What Happened With Raj Nair’s Departure From Ford?

Ford’s North American president Raj Nair was ousted last week for unspecified “inappropriate behavior,” yet no one at Ford or elsewhere has named any specifics on the record as to what that was. It was a major unplanned departure for one of Ford’s most senior people, and something that stunned the whole auto industry.…Read more… […]

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Why A Detroit Park To Commemorate The Ford Massacre Is Something The Motor City Needs

As America in 2017 struggles with how much to publicly memorialize the ugliest parts of its past, Detroit has found another way to honor painful history and show that teachable moments have the potential to lift up an entire neighborhood. Read more… Continue Reading at

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