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The NFL’s Commitment to Medical Research Costs Less Than a Single Good Quarterback

The NFL announced this week that they will soon award $40 million to scientists for medical research on brain trauma. That’s a lot, in the sense that if I had $40 million I would change it into gold coins and try to swim in it. But is it a lot of money to the NFL?Read […]

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NFL Signs On To Co-Organize, Overhaul Madden 18 Championships

Today, Electronic Arts and the NFL announced the launch of the Madden NFL Club Championship, an esports event that involves all 32 of the NFL’s teams. The competition, which will be part of this year’s Madden NFL Championship Series, starts on August 22, which is the game’s preorder release day. Starting today,…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Chile’s Football Team Did A Nintendo Switch Goal Celebration

Chile’s national football team, reigning South American champions, played Cameroon in the Confederations Cup yesterday, and after scoring what they thought was their first goal (it was later called back for offside) celebrated with a homage to their current Mario Kart obsession.Read more… Continue Reading at

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