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The Small Perks You Can Get on Seven Major Airlines

Flying these days leaves much to be desired. Some airlines are trying to make up for the unpleasant, bare-bones experience with small perks. These amenities certainly aren’t as desirable as, say, more legroom, but you might as well take advantage of them on your next flight.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Use a Ziploc Bag to Turn Your Smartphone Into an In-Flight Display

You know the drill when it comes to airplane etiquette. Keep your bags stowed in your overhead bin, fasten your seatbelts, and practice some mindfulness after getting out of the way for yet another bathroom run. Sure, after takeoff you’ll be able to use your devices, but if you’ve only got your smartphone on you, […]

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Tuesday Isn’t Magic Plane Ticket Buying Day

If you fancy yourself a smart, budget-focused traveler, you’ve probably heard advice telling you to wait to buy plane tickets on a Tuesday, because that’s the point in the week when tickets are supposedly at their cheapest. Well, that may not be the case anymore.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Choose an Airport for a Layover

Some airports are just better for layovers than others, both in terms of lowering your airfare costs, and adding to your overall comfort and convenience. (And some airports should simply be avoided altogether, if possible.) When I had a couple hours to kill at Honolulu’s airport, for example, I was able to relax in…Read more… […]

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