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Man Says Dying Roach Left Eggs in His Ear: ‘I Heard It Die in My Head’

A Florida man was reportedly struggling with a roach infestation at his apartment earlier this month when he realized the problem had migrated to his ear canal. And this is your last chance to stop reading before you have to live with this knowledge for the rest of your life.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Kid Uses Dad’s Sheriff’s Car To Harass His Ex And Rob Her New Boyfriend 

A 22-year-old Sheriff’s cadet named Christopher Combs has a father who’s a Palm Beach, Florida, Sheriff’s lieutenant. What he doesn’t seem to have is any sense whatsoever, since he used his dad’s unmarked Sheriff’s car to pull over his ex and screw with her and her new boyfriend.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Florida Man Drives Can-Am Right Into Swimming Pool Without Even Spilling His Beer

“Would you like for me to hold your beer?” offers a kind soul nearby. “No, I got this,” said the true, honest-to-goodness Florida Man man atop a camo-print 2013 Can-Am XMR 1000 at the bottom of the pool. This is perhaps the most majestic act of Florida Manning I’ve seen in a long time. Read […]

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