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America Is Heading Towards The Abyss

As the Mueller probe gets closer and closer to Trump and his inner circle, the president is beginning to see the writing on the wall. If he does not get rid of Mueller, Trump knows that deeply embarrassing information will be revealed about either his finances or his collusion with Russia. Sean …Continue reading Continue […]

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It Appears As If Trump Fired Rex Tillerson Over Twitter

The country woke up this morning to Donald Trump’s announcement over Twitter that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was out, and CIA chief Mike Pompeo was in: Reported the Huff Post:  Tillerson’s departure comes amid reports of his disappointment with the turbulent atmosphere in President …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Trump Continues War On Reality By Calling Devin Nunes “A Great American Hero”

In the relentless PR war to convince America that there was no collusion, no Russian hacks and no need to investigate the president for crimes against his own country, Donald Trump tweeted this in support of the widely ridiculed Devin Nunes today:  Nunes will go down in history as a fourth …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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Trump Wants To Keep Us Guessing About Whether He’ll Fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Everyone seems to agree that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be fired by President Trump at some point, perhaps this week. We’re also in general agreement about how such a decision would spark a wide-reaching constitutional crisis that could include Trump going Full Erdogan and conducting mass …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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